Shadings – National Poetry Day (UK)

While I’m not from the UK, I don’t see a reason not to celebrate their National Poetry Day with them. My great-grandmother wrote a poem everyday of her life from her 16th birthday until way into her sixties. Inspired by her, I attempted to do the same. I only lasted a little over a year. They weren’t all stellar (if any of them even were), but it kept me writing.

This year’s theme for National Poetry Day is “Light”, which can be interpreted many different ways. Light, by it’s very nature, creates shade in varying intensity somewhere. Shadings. I decided to share a piece from my poem-a-day phase that seemed to fit.


Shadings of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Shadings of now.
Shadings of reds, greens, browns and blues.
Shadings of hate.
Shadings of love.
Shadings of the feelings that lie in between.
Shadings of a lie.

(White lie slips through your lips, rapidly changing its color into a deep purplish-black.)

Shadings of the seasons.

(Green leaf vibrates with the life of our love, then turns brown as the life is drained out it by your misused words.  Misused words form the lies you utter and all is lost.)

Shadings of life, love and fruition.
Shadings hopes, dreams and the like.
Shadings of mystery, mystics and magic.
Shadings of dream-spinning.

(Dark green robe of the dream-spinner unfolding to reveal your childhood ambition in their innocence.  Light pink and blue innocents invite you with their warm fragrance to return to the time that is passed.)

Shadings of past, present and future.
Shadings of dreams and the realization thereof.
Shadings of peace, tranquility and the sense of freedom that cannot be bound.


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