OMG a Gaming Post From Fyn!

I have a weight loss blog and a writing blog (this one) but I have never started a gaming blog because I never (and I mean NEVER) blog about gaming, even though I’ve been a gamer of one type or other for over a decade. And since it very well may be the case that I never blog about gaming again, I’ve decided to do this one here.

Let me preface this by stating that I am neither in the hardcore World of Warcraft camp, nor the hardcore RIFT camp. I enjoy both games for different reasons and play them both, although I will admit that I play WoW more since that’s where most of my friends play and I have established characters and resources that help me support my altaholism.

One of the things that I particularly like when I play RIFT is all of the events. It provides a break from the questing/gathering grinds.

The problem with RIFT? I like the rift events a little too much.

Story time!

This last weekend my husband and I worked hard moving everything out of our bedroom and shampooing carpets (yes, I’m getting to the point) in preparation for the delivery of some new bedroom furniture. We worked HARD. And we really deserved a break. I played around in WoW for a little while, but didn’t have anything to do that appealed to me. It all felt grindy and that’s not what I wanted. So, since I didn’t want a straight grind, I switched to RIFT to play a level 10ish Guardian Rogue that I had been enjoying.

My luck was in! It was a very active night for rifts and invasion events. I had a blast chaining between rifts and killing invading commanders. I racked up so much planarite that my husband was jealous. Next thing I knew, my clock said it was 2:30 am. My normal “off the computer” time is 9:30 to 10:30 pm. sometimes I’ll stay on until 11:00 if it’s a weekend and I’m just in the groove. Three and half hours later than that? Um, yeah…

Which led me to think about gaming in general and what really pulls us in. What really drives us to play? What causes us to lose track of time? What can lead to the always denied, but always feared, addiction? It boils down to this one question:

Could RIFT be more addictive than WoW?

Oh, in WoW you can chain heroics or chain battlegrounds. You can definitely get caught up in something and lose track of time. The nature of the events in RIFT, though, have a very different feel to them. In WoW, you know that there will be a dungeon to run or a battleground to queue for, regardless of when you’re on. With RIFT, those events have a “do it now, because it’s about to go away” feel. If you don’t drop what you’re doing and run over, you could miss the rift (and the rewards) entirely. When the rifts combine with the invasions in the same area? Knock it out, grab the rewards and follow the pack to the next loot filled rift. It can get absolutely insane and fun and I completely lose track of how many I’ve actually done.

It’s the same mentality that retails stores exploit to get you to spend money. Limited time only! Quantities limited! Hurry in now for the best deals EVAR!

You know what I’m talking about.

Yeah, I know that there will be rifts going on somewhere any time I log into the game. It is, after all, called RIFT for a reason. But do I want to bank on the rapid spawning that’s happening now to be there later? Is it going to be as good? Because these are the best rifts EVAR!

And I’m not necessarily saying this is a bad thing. It’s an engaging game, which is what so many of us want. Change my world with no warning, please! Give me something to jump up and respond to when I’m tired of killing mobs!

I am saying that it’s something to be aware of, especially if you’re predisposed to addictive behaviours. I had a blast, but it jacked with my sleep schedule for days. I can’t let myself get pulled in so much so late at night.

But it sure was fun!

4 thoughts on “OMG a Gaming Post From Fyn!

  1. I think the biggest difference between Rifts and Dungeons/BG’s is the unpredictability. In WoW you know that you’re going to have a Dungeon or BG’s queue pop in the (hopefully) near future because you queue for it specifically, actively telling that game, “I want to participate in a dungeon/battleground”. With Rift you don’t have that, because they occur in the world whenever they want to.

    When a Rift opens you have to ask yourself, “do I want to go participate in that, or do I not”, and chances are since you’re already there and the event is just “right over there” that you have time and you could use the rewards so there’s no reason not to. Where in WoW you decide that in advance, “do I have time to wait for this queue to pop?” and if so then you queue and if you don’t then you just log off and go.

    I like to look at the rifts no so much as retail sales, but more like a buffet that you’re visiting for the first time. You see something you like (a rift, one of your favorite “foods”) and you add it to your plate. You know you shouldn’t get anything else, but there are all those other options too, and – oooh, gotta get some of that. When you’re finally done eating it all you realize just how much you overate just because it was right there waiting for you to grab it, looking so very scrumptious all the while.

  2. Aye, Rifting is where I chewed a lot of time up. It is way easy to drift in a Rift state, after all they are much shorter than dungeons to do, unless I do them for 4 hours. The rewards are all mine, not rolling against people. I am the captain of my Rift ship, and that feels good, but the time, oy. You are right. Rift can be more time consuming and addictive than WoW.

    Good post. You should write more often about gaming 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you like the post! Psynister is married to me, so he has to agree and tell me it’s a good post. 😉

      Rifting really is so much fun, but it’s way too easy to lose track of time. I’ll have to set myself a timer next time I get pulled into the rifts!

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