Accents and Acceptance

Today was a little tough. I still managed to hit my goal (barely) with 4,000 words, but it was draining. Especially the last 1,000 words or so. I was fighting my inner editor the whole way. First off, when I went back to edit in an accent for Maghda I realized that I wasn’t being consistent with my use of accents. Instead of mangling  things further or spending my writing time glancing up to see if I forgot to use an accent, I’ve decided to drop the accents until I can make a final decision when I start revisions. And since I made this decision part way through the segment below, you’ll just have to excuse my abrupt dropping of the accent.

My inner editor is pretty pesky. During my last 1,000 words today, I had to constantly fight the urge to think about what I was doing. I introduced an element I really had not planned on and my obsessive side kept on asking, “Is this going to fit? Are you sure?” My story has reached the point where it is starting to try to go off in another direction, or at least add in ideas that I hadn’t thought of. It’s not such a bad thing because it adds dimension, but it does cause heart palpitations for my obsessive little inner editor.

Probably some of my roughest writing so far, so please bear with me. Revisions will come soon enough.


3 thoughts on “Accents and Acceptance

  1. There is something Campbellian about this training sequence: the hero has undergone her initial trials, but now it is time to learn her powers in preparation for the return confrontation with her nemesis.

    I like the hanging feeling. I’m not sure what happens next. Will we find out more about the maevyn? Will we jump ahead 6 months into the future to see how Gavin’s campaign goes? I don’t know.

    This story is starting to remind me of another author, but who it is escapes me. I will have to look through my library to figure out who and why.

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