A Morsel to Whet Your Appetite

I learned something very important this weekend: It is nearly impossible for me to find solid writing time between baby showers, trips to Amarillo to take care of things and with my husband (and now my brother) banging around the house while my puppy and my brother’s puppy race around the house nipping at each other. It just was not going to happen. This is why I only have 10 days (the days the boys are back at work) to write over 40,000 words. A bit intimidating, isn’t it? This is where my new buddy, Write or Die, comes in. With Dr. Wicked’s help, my goal is to write between 4-5,000 words a day. Two hours each morning, then another three hours in the afternoon. I have to stay focused and I have to stay disciplined.

So, even though there will be another 3-4,000 words today, I wanted to post this tidbit so that none of you think I’ve given up:



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