It happened again today. Distraction after distraction plagued my day. There was one distraction, however that actually paid off. While procrastinating on the NaNoWriMo website, I saw a message on the right that said: “Behind on your word count? (I silently answered, YES! here) Write or Die! So I clicked. I bet you just did too, didn’t you??  For those of you who know and (mostly) love me, you know that when I start getting overwhelmed, I need frequent kicks in the pants. I can almost hear my best friend saying “No breaks!” like when we were cleaning out my office.  So I thought  would give it a try with a 1,000 words in 2 hour test goal. There’s nothing quite like “Peanut Butter Jelly Time!” to encourage you to keep adding words. I was so impressed with my results (see widget below) that I decided to post early to share the good news. If Write or Die can’t break through your writer’s block, then NOTHING can!

Seriously tempted by the desktop version ($10) because it has a wider variety of chastisement audio as well as options like “disable backspace”.

And so, the first installment today:

Don’t forget to check later for another blog post! I want to see if I can knock out another 2,000 words before dinner!


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