Fury’s Fire

Several things happened today that I am pleased with. At first I had a hard time getting into the “zone” to write. I kept on thinking that I needed to take some time to plan, since I didn’t do any planning in October. I think mostly I was afraid. I have a hard time looking at a project and seeing only the small part that I’m working on. The whole thing looms in front of me and so, of course, I become completely and utterly overwhelmed. I could feel it happening today. Then I got some great advice from a friend.

Me: Hit a wall today. I know I need to write, but I also know I need to plan. /procrastinate
@wowcynwise: Planning is for other months. Just write what’s in your head.
Me: That’s the problem. Started writing before I even had a story. About to have Q&A session. I have no answers. #incoherentdisaster And planning was for October when I didn’t know I was doing this. :-\
@wowcynwise: I think it’s better when you don’t have answers, and have to write your way to the answers.
Me: Hmm. Perhaps you’re right. Planning opens a back door for my inner editor anyway, right? Gotta keep that obsessive chick out.
@wowcynwise: It helps me to remember that Tolkien had no idea who Strider was when he encountered the Hobbits in Bree.

And since I’m certainly no Tolkien, how could I presume to plan everything I’m going to do? That’s when I got down to writing, and guess what? I got a scene I hadn’t even thought of before! That’s the first good thing that happened with my story today.

The second is much simpler to describe. While I’ve been writing, my story, world and magic system has been taking a clearer shape. Inspired by one aspect of the magic system which has already been introduced, I now have a working title. So, although I didn’t hit the word count I was aiming for today, what follows is the beginning of chapter three of Fury’s Fire:


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